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Having an apartment in Yerevan has been a long time dream of a couple from America. So since  we have an enormous love for making dreams come true, we didn't make them wait for long.

Our task was to get the lightest and most comfortable house possible  for four family members and a beloved pet. We were also entrusted with the pleasant responsibility of designing 92 sq. from the floor plan to the realization.

At the moment we are in the stage of interior decoration.

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Experience of designing "Take out" coffee booth and the original LAVAZZA coffee stood out from the other experiences of designing similar pavilions, with challenges disproportionate to its size. An area with an unclear geometrical shape with a challenge of correctly arranging the necessary equipment. We avoided the impression of a cage for the worker inside, with a thoughtful choice of materials and colors. A visible and noticeable point with its simplicity, in the heart of the city, the door to open which you won’t ever find. The production of the booth was also entrusted to us, and it is now working and maybe it managed to make your cup of coffee today,

who knows.

This is the pre-render 360 Photos

Amiryan 26/4

This apartment is a gift to the lady of the house from her husband. It is currently under construction.

The client was initially against bright colors. Therefore, a monochrome palette was chosen as a background for the interior, it was revived with a bit of sparkle, calm color accents and contrast, using dark frameless doors. Color went to things that can be replaced: curtains, rugs, pillows. This apartment turned out to be very modern, despite the fact that people of different ages will live and be hosted, so we considered the use of modern materials and smart technologies somewhat mandatory.

This is the pre-render 360 Photos

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